SPX PE102 Portable Electric Pump

Brand: Canna-Press

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$1,700.00 $1,800.00
  • Portable power source for hydraulic cylinders, and tools—up to 25 tons
  • Permanent magnet motor starts easily under load, even with reduced voltage conditions
  • Optional rechargeable battery pack with shoulder strap for maximum portability
  • Pump typically delivers 15 minutes of continuous operation at 10,000 psi on a single battery
  • Pump can be operated in any position
  • 24 volt hand and foot switches available for all AC powered models
  • High-impact housing with flame – retardant construction
  • Base mounting holes for fixed installations


Pump type:

PE10 Electric Portable 2-Speed Pump

  Reservoir capacity:

0.26 gal

For use with:

Single-Acting Cylinders

  Usable oil capacity:

60.0 in³

Power rating:

1/4 hp

  Typical flow at max psi:

10 in³/min


110/115 V

  Typical flow at 10000 psi:

10 in³/min


50/60 Hz

  Typical flow at 0 psi:

120 in³/min


6.0 A

  Maximum pressure:

10000 psi

Motor phase:

1 ph

  Sound level at idle/10000 psi:

68/74 dBA

Valve part number:


  Overall length:

13.000 in

Valve type:

2-Way Auto Dump

  Overall width:

7.750 in

Valve type/function:

2-Way Auto Dump / Advance Return (Auto)

  Overall height:

8.000 in

Valve function details:

Advanced position holds ram.

Return position returns ram


25.00 lbs

Control switch:

Rocker Type Off, Momentary On

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