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Canna-Press has had the home consumers, farmers, collectives, and labs all in mind when engineering our rosin press (With most State, City, and/or County requiring presses to have UL, CE and FDA approved components to get permits.). Canna-Press has worked with Watlow® the leading temperature control company in the USA to bring a machine with precise and accurate temperature control. Watlow's®  EZ Zone with Auto-Tune, Tru-Tune® (UL, CE, RoHS, and NSF approved) temperature controllers, Firerod® heaters and Probe allow for fast response to environmental change without over or under ramping like most Chinese temperature control units. Our platens maintain a .5% +/- change across the whole platen (A reliable temperature is everything when it comes to high-quality rosin that retains its terpins for optimum flavor.).
All our hydraulics are SPX Power Team®  components all filled with FDA approved fluids and Flush-face quick disconnects with no oil spills. (Unlike the threaded quick connects most companies offer that will hydro lock when not connected properly or the oil mess and puddle it leaves each time you disconnect.)
Canna-Press Tru-Guide System is engineered in CAD and machined to .05"+/- out of aircraft grade T6-6061 Aluminum. Our guide system is then coated with a ceramic Cerakote®  and hardened to self-lubricate and resist chips and scratches to extend the wear life of the guide.
Canna-Press frame is also engineered in CAD. all our frame parts are CNC water-jet and bent for a consistent frame every time. Then all our parts are jigged and welded by an AWS DW1.1 Certified Welder. After passing QC the machine is then powder coated with an FDA approved coating.
Our press is 100% customizable, you can design your own wrap and choose your own frame and guide system color. 200+ colors make the combination endless! For custom, machines call or email for details.


  • Fully Customizable press from frame and TRU-Guide System color, custom graphics wrap all the way to full-color 3-D Laser Engraving for blocks and guide system! The options are endless. (more details below)
  • Smashes up to 28 grams at a time.
  • 15 Ton SPX Power Team® FDA Approved filled cylinder with Flush face disconnect.
  • Canna-Press Tru-Guide keeps blocks aligned every time.
  • Dual Watlow® PM EZ Express with TRU-Tune® temperature controllers.
  • Dual Heated 5" x 8 1/8" platens with 2 x 300 Watt Firerod® Elements (1200 Watt Combined). and thermocouple probe at the center of the platen for .5% accuracy across the entire platen.
  • Bent and boxed base plate for added support when pressing.
  • FDA Approved powder coating.
  • Anti-Microbial graphics wrap.
  • AWS DW 1.1 Certified Welds.
  • 120v 20 Amp Switched power filter input (Allows for smooth consistent power for undisturbed control from background frequency, which makes it safe to be around other sensitive lab equipment).
  • 120V 15 Amp power supply needed
  • Draws 12 Amps for about 6 minutes until the temperature is reached then drops to 1-2 Amps while idle.
  • Deminsions: 18 1/2" L x 7 1/2" W x 18" H.
  • Weight: 84 Lbs
For Fully Customizable Machine Please Read Below
With our offer, we are providing your choice of frame powder coating and TRU-Guide System Cerakote color on us!
Click on the following links to see color options and reference part and color at check out notes. Tru-Guide System parts can both be the same color or customize each part a different color.
Frame Colors from Prismatic Color:  Color Chart
TRU-Guide Cerakote Ceramic Color: Color Chart
Custom 3D Full-Color Laser Engraving
We offer 3D Full-Color Laser Engraving on our Platens and guide system. Add any logo or design. Call or email for price quote.
2-4 Week lead time before delivery. 
    If you have any questions feel free to email us at

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