With months of engineering, we are proud to bring a precision machine to customers that thrive for top quality! With .005 +- Tolerances this machine eliminates bag tears and parchment paper rips that cause particulates to get into your product. That's kind of the point of switching from BHO...Right? Not only did we focus on shifting in the platen's we also worked closely with the leading temperature control processing company in the USA ( NO CHEAP CHINA ELECTRONICS HERE.) to bring precise temperature at the platen. Your product is at its most vulnerable state at this point so accurate readings are a must to preserve terpings for maximum flavor. To top it off this press is coated with FDA approved coatings, filled with FDA approved hydraulic fluids and UL listed Electronics. We thrived hard for quality and integrity Canna-Press is USA from the metals, electronics all the way down to the ARP stainless hardware. We are a Southern California family business bringing quality machines to the customers that deserve it. Oh, and did I forget to mention? These machines are welded by AWS D1.1 certified welders? Ya, no jokes at Canna-Press! More info to come.


Canna-Press Rosin Press frontCanna-Press Rosin Press Bottom
Canna-Press Rosin Press BackCanna-Press Rosin Press Front SideCanna-Press Guide SystemGuide System