Canna-Filter 72 Micron Rosin Bags (Grey)

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Canna-Filter stands above the rest. All of our bags are stitched with colored thread to allow for easy selection in each micron. all our bags come packaged in a resealable box to allow for easy access and storage to keep production flowing and your product clean. unlike other companies that package their product in unsealable bags which leaves filters exposed to dirt and dust, which can contaminate your product. We take pride in our filters all the way to the packaging! We care about our customer's product and savings.
  • 35 Micron Filter (RED stitched)
  • Different color for each micron.
  • Maximum filter temperature: 450ºF or 148ºC
  • Maximum Pressure: 60,000 psi.
  • Fold & cut to length
  • Boilable after press for medible's
  • Packaged in a box
  • Hand-sewn in the USA

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